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Les Russes sur le Bosphore

  • The almanac [i]Les Russes sur le Bosphore[/i] is a joint work of Russian-speaking émigrés in Istanbul who were faced with the challenge of leaving the country or becoming naturalised.
  • Almanac
  • Les Russes sur le Bosphore

    Word Count: 5

  • Русские на Босфоре, Russians on the Bosphorus
  • 1927
  • 1928
  • Hardcover, black-white. Initially it was a luxurious edition on enamel-paper, large format, 150 pages, 300 illustrations.

  • Znaniye Bookstore, Kumbaracı Yokuşu 86 (old address), Beyoğlu, Istanbul (point of sale); Kul'tura Bookstore, Grand Rue de Pera 385 (now presumably Istiklal Caddesi 179), Beyoğlu, Istanbul (point of sale).

  • FrenchRussian
  • Istanbul (TR)
  • The almanac Les Russes sur le Bosphore is a joint work of Russian-speaking émigrés in Istanbul who were faced with the challenge of leaving the country or becoming naturalised.

    Word Count: 30

  • The almanac Les Russes sur le Bosphore [Russians on the Bosphorus] is a joint work of Russian-speaking émigrés (journalists, writers, painters and photographers) in Istanbul. The decision to publish such a work was made when they were faced with the challenge of leaving the country or becoming naturalised. The almanac was published to inform readers about the achievements of Russian émigrés during their presence in the city on the Bosphorus. The authors themselves described the purpose of this edition in the announcement concerning the almanac’s release as follows:
    “This almanac was dedicated to the presence of Russians in Turkey, their efforts, cultural activities, their creative work, art, knowledge, entrepreneurial attitude, and also aims at expressing Russian gratitude to Turkey for its hospitality and Russian sympathy for the Turkish people. The text of the almanac contains sketches of Russian working life on the Bosphorus, descriptions of Russian institutions and undertakings, biographies of the leaders of the Russian colony, workers in churches, culture, science, press, art, technology, industry and trade. Essays on the Turkish Renaissance, Byzantium, descriptions of monuments of history and art, an extensive literary part” (Anonymous, “Russkiye na Bosfore. Les Russes sur le Bosphore”, 22 May 1927).
    Perhaps the most important figure in the history of the publication of this work was the compiler and editor Anatoliy Bournakine (poet, literary critic and journalist). According to Marina Sorokina, he gave the almanac this name, Les Russes sur le Bosphore, not for nothing, but with a reference to the book of the same name by the Russian general and diplomat Nikolay Muravyov-Karsky, who was famous for his military success and diplomatic victories. In addition to journalists and writers, Russian émigré painters and photographers contributed to the almanac. Thus, an elegant cover with Turkish motifs was created by the artist Nikolai Saraphanoff, headpieces were designed by the artist V. Lyubomirsky (В. Любомирский), and portraits for biographies, groups, interiors, views and photo studies were provided by the artist and photographer Jules Kanzler. Furthermore, photographs of some of the works (paintings, sculptures, etc.) were taken by painters such as Boris Eguize, Nikolai Peroff, Nikolai Saraphanoff, Dimitri Ismailovitch, V.P.-Tch., and architect I.W. Pitlenko (И.В. Питленко).

    Word Count: 359

  • Cover of Les Russes sur le Bosphore Almanac, 1927.
  • Cover of Russians on the Bosphorus (Les Russes sur le Bosphore Almanac, 1927).
    Newspaper announcement concerning the publication of the almanac (Radio Newspaper, 1927, n.p.).
    Newspaper announcement concerning the almanac’s publication and its points of sale (Radio Newspaper, 1927, p. 3).
    Self-portrait by Nikolai Saraphanof who created an elegant cover for the almanac, 1927 (Russkiye na Bosfore. Les Russes sur le Bosphore Almanac, 1928, n.p.).
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    Bournakine, Anatoliy, editor. Russkiye na Bosfore. Les Russes sur le Bosphore. Imp. L. Babok & fils, 1928.

    Sorokina, Marina. “Provintsiya izgnaniya: A.A. Burnakin o russkoy emigratsii v Turtsii.” Russkaya Belaya Emigratsiya v Turtsii vek spustya 1919–2019, edited by Türkan Olcay, DRZ, 2019, pp. 222–232.

    Word Count: 84

  • Istanbul Çelik Gülersoy Library.

    Slavonic Library (Slovanská knihovna) in Prague.

    Word Count: 11

  • My deepest thanks go to Slavonic Library (Slovanská knihovna) in Prague and Neslihan Yalav (Istanbul Çelik Gülersoy Library).

    Word Count: 19

  • Ekaterina Aygün
  • Jules KanzlerBoris EguizeDimitri IsmailovitchV.P.-Tch.
  • Istanbul
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  • Ekaterina Aygün. "Les Russes sur le Bosphore." METROMOD Archive, 2021,, last modified: 14-09-2021.
  • Boris Eguize

    In Istanbul, Eguize actively advanced in the field of portraiture. After he had become a member of the Union of Russian Painters, he was described as "an absolutely valuable acquisition".

    Word Count: 30

    Jules Kanzler

    Kanzler spent part of his life in the Russian Empire as a painter and the other in Turkey as a photographer who “documented” the early years of the Turkish Republic.

    Word Count: 30

    PainterScene DesignerMuralist

    Painter V.P.-Tch. is perhaps the most mysterious figure of all Russian-speaking émigré painters who lived in Constantinople in the 1920s. Until now, almost all sources indicated only his initials.

    Word Count: 31

    Nikolai Saraphanoff

    The artist is known for his numerous works with views of Istanbul, the design of the famous almanac’s cover, and the creation of decorative panels. Alas, his artistic activities were interrupted by his imprisonment.

    Word Count: 35

    Pera Palace Hotel

    The Pera Palace was the gem of Pera district where people gathered to wine and dine and be entertained, as well as to discuss the issues of the day.

    Word Count: 29

    Dimitri Ismailovitch
    PainterArt Historian

    In Istanbul, Ismailovitch became one of the leaders of the Union of Russian Painters in Constantinople, organised three solo exhibitions, and made contribution to the study of Byzantine art.

    Word Count: 29

    Nikolai Peroff
    PainterArt restorerIconographerChoir DirectorCharitable Society’s ChairmanScene Designer

    Nikolai Peroff lived in Istanbul until the end of his life. He was engaged in restorations, carried out scene decorations, and did a lot for the Russian churches in Karaköy.

    Word Count: 31