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Victoria Ocampo’s House

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    Victoria Ocampo’s House

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    Alejandro Gabriel Bustillo Madero
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  • Known addresses in Metromod cities:

    Calle Rufino de Elizalde 2831, Palermo chico, Buenos Aires (residence).

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    Buenos Aires (AR)
  • Introduction:

    In a wealthy area of Buenos Aires stands the house where Victoria Ocampo lived. The building contributed to the adoption of modern architecture and reshaped the city.

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  • Content:

    In a wealthy area of Buenos Aires stands the house where Victoria Ocampo lived before she moved to Villa Ocampo in 1940. Its construction in 1928 by the Argentine architect Alejandro Bustillo contributed to the adoption of modern architecture that shocked many of the writer's contemporaries but eventually reshaped the city in the firsts decades of the 20th century.
    Surrounded by classic French-style houses, the rationalist-architecture building located at Rufino de Elizalde 2831 immediately catches one’s attention because of its geometrical structure and white colour. Following Ocampo’s firm instructions, the Argentinian architect Alejandro Bustillo designed three bright levels, fitted with large windows that connect to the outdoors by way of two balconies. The rationalist taste of Ocampo is visible in the austerity of the surfaces, in the complementary stability of full and empty spaces, the ratio of interior/exterior spaces, the lack of ornamentation. The house functioned as a meeting place for the artists and intellectuals of Buenos Aires (both locals and exiles), propagating relational and professional ties. Sur magazine, one of the most influential intellectual magazines of the time, was conceived there in 1931. Currently, the building houses the Casa de la Cultura del Fondo Nacional de las Artes, a public organisation that has supported cultural activities through grants since 1958.

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    Victoria Ocampo's house (Photo: Laura Karp Lugo)
  • Bibliography (selected):

    Grementieri, Fabio. “Victoria y la arquitectura.” Testimonios de Villa Ocampo, vol. 1, no. 3, March 2010. issuu, Accessed 14 April 2021.

    Word Count: 26

  • Archives and Sources:

    Biblioteca Villa Ocampo, Buenos Aires.

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  • Author:
    Laura Karp Lugo
  • Metropolis:
    Buenos Aires
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  • Laura Karp Lugo. "Victoria Ocampo’s House." METROMOD Archive, 2021,, last modified: 12-05-2021.
  • Victoria Ocampo

    Victoria Ocampo was one of the most influential intellectuals in Argentina. Her home became a key meeting place for exiles and locals and deeply impacted the artistic milieu.

    Word Count: 28

    "Nuestras damas intelectuales. Señora Victoria Ocampo." El Gran Mundo. Revista Social y de la Moda, year 1, no. 1, 30 April 1928.
    "La mujer y la constitución. Opina Victoria Ocampo." El Hogar, year LIV, no. 2478, 31 May, 1918, p. 18.
    Buenos Aires

    In 1931, Victoria Ocampo founded Sur, a literary magazine and publishing house aligned with the anti-fascist cause, which was to become a major hub for intellectual exchanges in Buenos Aires.

    Word Count: 29

    Cover of Sur, no. 307, July–August 1967.
    Buenos Aires