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A la Carta Magna y las cuatro regiones argentinas

  • Kind of Object:
  • Name:
    A la Carta Magna y las cuatro regiones argentinas

    Word Count: 9

  • Alternative Names:
    Monument of the Spaniards Monument to the Spaniards Monumento de los españoles
  • Creator (Person):
    Agustín Querol
  • Year Start:
  • Year End:
  • Material:

    Marble, bronze

  • Known addresses in Metromod cities:

    Av. del Libertador and Av. Sarmiento, Buenos Aires.

  • Language:
  • Size:

    Height 24.5 m

  • City:
    Buenos Aires (AR)
  • Introduction:

    At the intersection of Av. Sarmiento and Libertador stands the monument called A la Carta Magna y las cuatro regiones argentinas, popularly known as the monument "to the Spaniards”.

    Word Count: 29

  • Content:

    At the intersection of the broad avenues Sarmiento and Libertador (formerly Alvear) stands the monument called A la Carta Magna y las cuatro regiones argentinas, popularly known as the monument "to the Spaniards" or "of the Spaniards". The work was offered by the country's Spanish residents to commemorate the centenary of Argentine independence (the May Revolution).
    The project was born in 1908 when the idea of making a monument to represent the Spanish community in Argentina and express their gratitude for the historical welcome of Spaniards in Argentina emerged at meetings of the Spanish Club. The Spanish sculptor Agustín Querol Subirats, trained in Barcelona, was put in charge of the commemorative project by the Spanish government. A detailed programme for the future monument was drawn up in 1909, the year the contract with the sculptor was signed. Querol was required to comply with the instructions imposed by the commission, particularly those concerning the inscriptions and details on the figures.
    In accordance with the programme, the 24.5-metre high monument-fountain is a statue in honour of the Republic surmounted by five groups of sculptures: “El Trabajo” in marble, and the four Argentine regions (“Los Andes”, “El Río de la Plata”, “La Pampa” and “El Chaco”), in bronze. The location of the monument, at the intersection of two wide avenues in the centre of Buenos Aires, allows a privileged view of the work and therefore of the Spanish community it represents.

    Word Count: 238

  • Signature Image:
    Monumento a la Carta Magna y las cuatro Regiones Argentinas, Buenos Aires (Photo Claudio Elias, 2008 via Wikimedia Commons).
  • Bibliography (selected):

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    Word Count: 81

  • Author:
    Laura Karp Lugo
  • Metropolis:
    Buenos Aires
  • Entry in process:
  • Laura Karp Lugo. "A la Carta Magna y las cuatro regiones argentinas." METROMOD Archive, 2021,, last modified: 12-05-2021.