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Das Andere Deutschland

  • Das Andere Deutschland was founded by German exiles. Opposed to the Nazi regime, it sought to represent ‘the other’ Germany, a tolerant, peaceful and humanist one.
  • Das Andere Deutschland
  • The Other Germany

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  • Das Andere Deutschland was founded by German exiles. Opposed to the Nazi regime, it sought to represent ‘the other’ Germany, a tolerant, peaceful and humanist one.

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  • Das Andere Deutschland was founded by a group of exiled Germans together with some other Germans already living in Buenos Aires. Opposed to the Nazi regime, the organisation sought to represent ‘the other’ Germany, a tolerant, peaceful and humanist one. It carried out cultural and political activities as well as solidarity actions and played an important role in the integration of German newcomers.
    At the beginning of June 1937, Das Andere Deutschland association was founded in Buenos Aires by the German community in Argentina together with German and Austrian political exiles opposed to the National Socialist regime. At first, Das Andere Deutschland operated as a committee to assist "all the victims of Hitler's fascism" (Argentinisches Tageblatt  1937, 3) who needed help.
    Originally, people from various ideological and religious backgrounds came together, their common ground being opposition to National Socialism.
    At the head of Das Andere Deutschland was Ernesto F. Alemann, director of the newspaper Argentinisches Tageblatt and president of the Pestalozzi Association. Other members were the artist Clément Moreau and the physiologist Simon Neuschlosz.
    Das Andere Deutschland used to meet in the premises of the Argentinisches Tageblatt newspaper, in Calle Tucuman 309. There it provided Spanish classes, assistance in getting a job, in processing paperwork and in obtaining residence permits. The newspaper devoted two columns to Das Andere Deutschland, becoming a platform for spreading information about the atrocities being committed in the concentration camps. Das Andere Deutschland launched a magazine that promoted the association's activities and reflected its political opinions. The first ten issues were published between May 1938 and February 1939. They were typed and intended for subscribers. From March 1939 the magazine was printed by the Argentinisches Tageblatt publishing house and sold from kiosks. This considerably boosted circulation, which in 1944/45 reached 4000/5000 copies!

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  • Laura Karp Lugo
  • 06-1937
  • 01-01-1949
  • Ernesto F. Alemann, Clément Moreau, Simon Neuschlosz.

  • Buenos Aires
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  • Clément Moreau
    Graphic Artist
    Buenos Aires

    German-born Clément Moreau had to exile to Buenos Aires due to his political activism. There, he was well integrated into the artistic milieu and published his caricatures in many publications.

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    Truppe 38
    Buenos Aires

    German exile networks were very strong in Buenos Aires. From this community, Clément Moreau, a German caricaturist and anti-fascist militant, created the theatre group Truppe 38.

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