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New Book Co.

  • This bookstore was a hub for Bombay's creatives and intellectuals.
  • New Book Co.
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  • This bookstore was a hub for Bombay's creatives and intellectuals.

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  • The first and leading bookstore and publisher in Bombay, the New Book Co. Pvt. Ltd. in the Kitab Mahal, was owned by the Taraporevala family. D.B. Taraporevala & Sons, the “treasure house of books” (The Times of India, 19 November 1936, 3), was the most famous book wholesalers in Bombay. It was a hub not only for international literature, foreign periodicals and newspapers, illustrated magazines and pictures, postcards and art publications, but also for artists themselves. D.B. Taraporevala & Sons even offered temporary exhibition space when Bombay lacked galleries. The company was founded as a bookseller, newsagent and stationery dealer at 190 Hornby Road in 1864. In 1936 they ran the bookstore at 210 Hornby Road, with a branch in the Taj Mahal Hotel at Apollo Bunder to serve an elite Indian and high-class foreign clientele. Among many other titles, the New Book Co. published Ernst N. Schaeffer's guidebook to the city: Pictorial Bombay.

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  • Kitab Mahal, Hornby Road, Fort, Mumbai (192 Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Kitab Mahal, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India)

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    Word Count: 40

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  • 1864
  • Bombay
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  • Ernst N. Schaeffer
    JournalistPhotojournalistTour GuideEditorRadio ModeratorNewspaper Correspondent

    In exile Ernst Schaeffer diversified his journalistic practice and developed an understanding of Bombay through walking the city streets, taking on street-level-photography and photojournalism.

    Word Count: 24

    Pictorial Bombay

    The guidebook Pictorial Bombay is a light-hearted portrayal of Bombay and its inhabitants as seen by an outsider, the German emigrant Ernst Schaeffer, through photos and texts in 1936.

    Word Count: 28